Grassroots & Grasstops Engagement

Does your issue need more traction to get the attention it deserves from opinion leaders and public officials? Allow Liberty Square Group to help you create the groundswell of support necessary for action. We understand you need to make the most of the resources you have available – whether in staff or volunteer hours, money, or expertise.

Campaigning in support of or against issues has become increasingly important in today’s “always-on” political environment. A well-coordinated campaign of public outreach, organizational endorsements, special events, and new media is often essential to creating the outcry necessary for public officials to act. The experts at the Liberty Square Group have experience with a wealth of tactics to guide your strategic decisions.

Liberty Square Group can support your efforts through:

  • Organizing volunteer assets into a powerful political force
  • Designing & implementing volunteer recruiting campaigns
  • Training your staff & board in the power of grassroots advocacy
  • Creating grassroots issue kits for activists
  • Coordinating grasstops, grassroots & direct lobbying efforts
  • Developing earned, paid, and social media strategies

With years of political experience in both elected and advocacy positions, the Liberty Square Group staff is in an unparalleled position to help you design and implement an effective field strategy.

work with us.