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From C-suite executives to grassroots organizers, anyone engaged with government understands that state and local officials have tremendous impact on the policy landscape. “Laboratories of democracy,” as Justice Brandeis dubbed state governments, create a double-edged sword in their experiments.

A smaller scale than Washington affords corporate decision makers and nonprofits a more manageable sphere in which to be heard and also a potentially more disruptive environment. Liberty Square Group’s state and local advocacy team thoroughly knows and understands New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. Our approach leverages diverse backgrounds in local governments and state capitals to deliver compelling communications, advocacy, and lobbying services. We have a proven track record of excelling for clients, making sure they are heard in the right places and building support for their initiatives.


The Liberty Square Group understands how Washington works.  We create government relations and strategic communications campaigns that fit the specific needs of each client and match them to the current public need.  We provide timely information, strategic counsel, direct government representation with a commitment to measurable return on investment.  We know that representation on the federal level means both keeping an eye on things in Washington, and in the home districts.  Our public relations skills work to affect legislation inside and outside the Capitol.

For decades, Kennedy served as the most visible and powerful conduit between Boston and Washington, a constant presence on shuttle flights. Now a shadow contingent of former aides travels the pathway their boss once took. Few among the Kennedy alumni have traveled this nexus of power between two capitals more often and more successfully than Scott Ferson as he focuses on securing an array of benefits for Massachusetts — and his clients.

    — Matt Viser, Boston Globe

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