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Frank Banacos is a solutions-driven leader with a remarkable ability to bring professionals together to do their best work in collegial teams. For more than two decades he has led operations at a diverse array of companies across New England. His track record of achievement in different types of companies affords a fresh perspective on how to improve processes and systems while working to drive the company forward efficiently and achieve clients’ goals.

Prior to heading operations at Liberty Square Group he most recently managed the manufacturing of a subdivision of Rapid Manufacturing called RAMP where he oversaw a 50 percent increase in sales while establishing process controls and improved throughputs. Mr. Banacos served as a member of a transition team as GT Solar Inc., which took Crystal Systems growth technology from a material business to an equipment business within GT Solar (GT Advanced Technologies). He helped design, lay out, and staff a 1.4 million-square-foot facility that would employ approximately 1,200 people. He then directed the growth process engineering teams across three sites in three different states. His years as the General Manager and Director of Operations at Crystal Systems, Inc. involved the turnaround of crystalline growth technology. The company was brought from near-bankruptcy to its subsequent sale for $78 million to GT Solar.

He now applies the lessons from those experiences to all facets of operations for the Liberty Square Group – ranging from client management and coalition organization to business development and operations, finding efficiencies, ways to align employees’ skills with organizational goals and find better ways to serve clients.

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