Judy Rakowsky








Judy Rakowsky is the Senior Vice President of Crisis and Strategic Communications at the Liberty Square Group. She harnesses deep journalistic experience covering crime, scandals and politics to help clients develop the right strategy and message even in the face of litigation, regulatory action and other reputation and career threats. Clients benefit from the skills of a professional with decades of deadline experience as an editor and reporter for media including the Boston Globe, People Magazine, the Providence Journal, the Columbus Citizen-Journal, and The Plain Dealer. Ms. Rakowsky intimately understands the life cycle of litigation after decades of covering federal and state courts as a reporter and as an editor directing coverage. As an award-winning reporter, she wrote and edited stories that led to subjects getting fired, disbarred, or sent to jail. She covered the major stories of the times from organized crime, priest sex abuse and bank fraud litigation in Rhode Island in the 1980s to terrorism and security issues after 9/11 to online bullying of teens in the 2000s. 

Now she helps clients hone and convey their messages and reach key audiences, applying her insights to help them understand the opportunities and possible pitfalls that come with the media’s glare. She knows how to work with the accelerating pace of the media in traditional and social media, and has a broad network of relationships with media members throughout the country. 


Her work has ranged from driving attention to a whistleblower’s story to helping companies tend their reputation during protracted litigation, helping nonprofits manage their public image during reorganization, helping independent schools prepare for potential media inquiries, and advising individuals facing regulatory action, dismissal, and ethics inquiries. In addition, she has helped raise the visibility of nonprofits such as The Boston Club, Trinity Repertory Theater, and the Genesis Foundation for Children. 


An Ohio native, Ms. Rakowsky holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and journalism, with honors in journalism, from the University of Michigan.