Campaign and Issue Management

In today's political climate, elections and issue-based campaigns are more than simply raising money and placing signs. Today's campaigns require comprehensive strategies, melding together volunteer management, press relations, fundraising, research, polling and event planning into one unified system. The experts at the Liberty Square Group have extensive experience on campaigns at the local, state and Federal levels.


Campaigning in support of or against issues has become increasingly important in today's "always-on" media environment. A well-coordinated campaign of public outreach, special events, new media and the formation of a groundswell of support are essential to educating the public at large. The Liberty Square Group has proven experience in planning and executing such strategies and educating the public about the important issues facing them. We can provide services in any or all of the following areas:


  • Campaign Management
  • Overall Campaign Strategy
  • Media and Communications Strategy
  • Press Relations and Campaign Spokesperson
  • Polling and Opinion Research
  • Fundraising and Finance Planning
  • Field Organizing
  • Special Event Coordination and Protocol
  • Direct Mail
  • Web 2.0 and "New Media"


Political campaign management requires experience. The Liberty Square Group's team has spent years working on political campaigns across party lines and ideologies. From local elections to state senators and representatives to members of the United States Congress, LSG has successfully run campaigns at all levels of government.

Prior Campaign Experience

  • U.S. Representative Stephen F. Lynch
  • Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray
  • Eileen Donoghue for Congress
  • Gephardt for President
  • Boston City Counselor John Connolly
  • Senator Edward M. Kennedy