About Us

Since 1999, the Liberty Square Group has been providing strategic, integrated communications, public and government affairs counsel to a wide range of businesses, associations, political candidates and non-profit organizations.


Founded by Scott Ferson, a former press secretary to the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy,the Liberty Square Group has attracted an impressive array of professionals with backgrounds in fields including public and government relations, campaign management, community development and beyond. Headquartered in Boston, the combined decades of experience of the Liberty Square Group’s team ensure our clients’ messages and initiatives are heard by stakeholders at all levels: government officials, constituents, the media and the public at large.


What makes LSG unique is our commitment to individualized attention. In the current economic climate, we understand that government, businesses and non-profit organizations alike must find ways to maximize their resources while reducing their expenses. That's why our clients receive strategy and project management directly by our team of experts - you're never passed off to an entry-level associate. Because our experts work directly with clients, we're able to be far more adaptive in rapidly changing media or political environments, all at a value without compare.